CoViD-19 Emergency

Due to the CoViD-19 emergency affecting the whole world, Scerni Group is committed to follow national and international instructions to fight and reduce the spread of the virus.

With the developments of the last few days, Scerni’s team is fully focused on minimizing the effects of the spread of the virus is causing on our business to guarantee the continuity of our company services and activities.

Therefore our warehouses continue to be operational, respecting all the indications provided by the latest Italian Governmental decree, allowing staff to carry out their tasks in peace and preserving public health.

During this emergency period, the following extraordinary measures were taken in our warehouses and offices for the safety of all our workers:

    • we have subscribed an insurance policy agaist Coronavirus for all our employees, which provides hospitalization, convalescence and a post-hospitalization assistance package to better manage health recovery in case of COVID-19 infection;
    • we have sensibilized workers on the respect of the safety distances and on the sanitary hygiene rules foreseen for the emergency COVID19;
    • we have hired a special team to make extraordinary cleaning and sanitizing in all workplaces;
    • we have adopted for all employees body temperature measurement procedures and supplied our plants with masks and disinfectants;
    • we have implemented smart work platform to allow all employees to work from their own homes.


Hoping that everything will return to normal as soon as possible, we are making safety our top priority to safeguard the health of our employees and continue  to support our customers as needed during this worldwide emergency.

As so often happens, times of trouble bring out the best in people and we are really confident and positive everything will be all right.