Responsibility and willing to restart business in the second phase of the emergency

Responsibility and willing to restart business: In the second phase of this emergency, it is essential to put people at the center.

The goal is to have a safe, controlled and agreed return to work, thanks to the adoption of risk prevention and containment methods and protocols, monitoring, information and training that lead individuals – with their behavior – to protect other workers from infection.We have set up work environments and common areas to preserve the safety of our employees and external visitors who enter our company office.


Great efforts have been made to review all internal processes within the workplace to adapt them to Authorities’ recommendations. The measures adopted include a greater frequency and intensity of cleaning; in addition, it is constantly reminded through appropriate signs, to wash hands carefully and often, to maintain safety distance and to regularly sanitize frequently touched surfaces such as keyboards, mouse and scanner. Finally, we supplied daily distribution of gloves and masks and provided hand-washing points on each desk.

We also recommended that employees continue if possible with smart working from home in order to ensure greater distance for those who need to carry out work from office. It is vital to restart business with adequate and necessary guarantees of security but most of all it is our duty to promote initiatives that feed the spirit of collaboration and belonging of our professional community: cohesion is the most precious asset to overcome this emergency!

Everyone protects everyone