Genoa readies the new Bridge San Giorgio

Yesterday August 3rd 2020 at 6.30 pm the new highway viaduct was inaugurated in Genoa, replacing the Morandi Bridge after the tragic collapse of August 14th 2018.
In presence of President Mattarella and all the highest authorities, the city greets the new bridge, christened Genova San Giorgio, which arrives after a period of overwork in which over a thousand workers have been engaged. The construction site never stopped, the workers worked seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and they didn’t paused for Covid either.
The new bridge was designed by Renzo Piano and built by all Italian companies, Webuild and Fincantieri, RINA, IIT and links the skyline of the Polcevera valley, connecting the city from west to east.

For Scerni this bridge is the symbol of a new rising, an Italian pride that did not stop even during the pandemic, an example of excellence that is the extraordinary result of professionals who have completed a great poject in record time to protect the people who move.
As summarized by the Mayor Marco Bucci: “Genoa today has built a successful model, Genoa and this building site send a signal of trust, competence and hope for the future. We have made Genoa a model for Italy, we want Italy to be a model the world. ”

“Here we are suspended between tragedy and pride and gratitude, but we are not talking about a miracle, today a beautiful thing happened for the country. Building is magic, walls are not to be built, bridges are, and doing it is beautiful, it is a gesture of peace. This building site is also magic, a building site where solidarity, passion and love prevail over everything ”. Renzo Piano closed saying: “Now the bridge is yours, long life to the bridge”.

Welcome Ponte Genova San Giorgio: join our city and take us to a better future!