The Group was founded in 1840 under the name of Paolo Scerni as one of the first shipping agencies in Italy.
Throughout its history, the Group has focused on naval equipment and shipping activities, but in the 2000s, in order to adapt to the development of the transport sector, Gruppo Scerni has expanded its business activities and shifted its interest to logistics, road-based transport, intermodal transport and forwarding services.
December 2018 marks the beginning of a new era for the Group, since Paolo Scerni S.p.A. was merged by incorporation into Scerni Logistics S.r.l., which becomes the sole proprietor focused on the following activities: shipping and forwarding agency, integrated logistics, transport and distribution.
Today, the key activities of Gruppo Scerni are logistics, storage, shipments and forwarding services, while the Scerni family continues with real estate and entertainment projects (Gruppo Scerni supports the Politeama Genovese theatre).
Scerni is synonymous with high-quality services and innovative solutions, from maritime transport to distribution logistics, in Italy and throughout Europe.


Foundation of Paolo Scerni


Scerni shipping agency represents two shipping companies operating tramp services.


Scerni was appointed shipping agency for the “Flota Mercante Grancolombiana Bogota”, operating in Med for the Carribean route.


Paolo Scerni company is internationally acknowledged for sea, air and inland shipping activities.


Paolo scerni was awarded liner agency for Maruba Line for the routes to Brazil and Argentina.


Business expansion: logistics, road-based transport, intermodal transport and forwarding services. Foundation of Scerni Logistics.


First opening of warehouses in Milan and Piacenza


New opening of warehouses in Piacenza.


Paolo Scerni company is merged into Scerni Logistics.